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The VAPO is a Regulatory and Operational platform for professionals in the travel industry such as Travel agents, Tour operators, Protocol managers etc. Majority of National Associations in several African Countries have adopted and approved VAPO.

Creation of VAPO

VAPO users are the managers of the entire African Travel Industry, the platform operates on a country by country platform base.

Therefore users on a particular country interacts with others in their country except in the Marketplace where users can change the location country.


  • Instant reach to the managers of travel industry
  • Message delivery to key player
  • Message to others VAPO users in the field
  • Adverts can be country based or Continent based
  • Adverts would be channeled also to our B2C, millions of customers and clients in our VAPO mobile.

The three main identified advert placements on the VAPO

  • Home Page
  • Platform Dashboard
  • Marketplace Dashboard

Advert Sizes

Type of Advert Size Location on VAPO
Half-Page 520 W x 600 H Home page
Medium Rectangle 520 W x 350 H Home page
Sponsored Text/Link Max 30 words with Company Logo Platform Dashboard
Rectangle 520 W x 250 H Home page

* Please call/mail directly for costing

Terms and Conditions

  • All artworks/designs/graphics should be submitted 24hours before publication.
  • Adverts approved would run from the following day 8a.m till the expiry date 8a.m.
  • All advert materials should be saved in JPEG, GIF, PNG or SWF format not greater than 200KB in size format.
  • Advert rates are subject to change without notice but adverts currently running are protected from increase until the duration expires. All adverts are subject to legal vetting, prior to publication.
  • We are not responsible for the content of other sites linked from our site.
  • We reserve the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any advert at our sole discretion. Adverts are accepted on the condition that the advertiser agrees to indemnify The VAPO, its officers and its business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from publishing advert(s) by advertiser online.

For more information on Advert placements, contact

Dare Idris
Head, Social Media/Social Manager
[email protected]

Tega Ighogboja
Head, Customer Service Support
[email protected]

Advert placement Inquiry

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